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Media | CPPCC DAILY: Dare “Heating Test”, Logistics Robots Can Help

2022 - Aug - 12


Recently, the persistent high temperature weather across the country brought the risk of heat stroke in outdoor work. For this reason, the CPPCC DAILY published How to be safer in high temperature work production? which introduces how to keep safe production while ensuring the work schedule. The report makes specific recommendations for safe production and also expresses expectations for more widespread use of artificial intelligence technology and robots.

The following are some contents from the corresponding articles:


Since July, many parts of China have been in high temperature "baking mode", with many cities experiencing high temperature weather above 40℃. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report points out that global warming in the last 50 years is occurring at a rate unprecedented since the past 2000 years, and the instability of the climate system has increased.

Every year in July and August is the high incidence of production safety accidents. Especially during this summer, the risk of heat stroke in outdoor work in high temperatures rise.

Therefore, Zhang Xingkai, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and director of the National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Work Safety, said that safe production is the cornerstone of economic development. Operators should do a good job of preventing heat stroke. He suggested that we should "make good use of the latest digital technology, especially the machine learning capabilities of artificial intelligence technology, in the special production environment, in order to optimize the division of labor between man and machine as well as to promote man-machine Synergy."

According to Zhu Dingzhen, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chief expert on meteorological services of the China Meteorological Administration, "The health impacts of extreme heat are intensifying and the negative economic impacts are increasing. These impacts are expected to continue to worsen as global temperatures continue to rise. Therefore, accelerating the development of artificial intelligence and robotics in industries where the effects of heat stress could be the solution to adapt to an increasingly hot world."

In the case of continuous high temperature in summer, the roof of the warehouse, which is mostly made of steel structure, can easily penetrate the roof of the building even if heat insulation is used. Even if fans, air conditioners and other cooling equipment are used, it is difficult to cover the entire warehouse. For the need for material handling in the warehouse, picking, access to the staff, they are in such a high temperature environment for heavy physical labor. This is undoubtedly "baking test".

The industry believes that the digital intelligence upgrade of factories and logistics centers is the future development trend - the use of AMR, 3D pallet shuttle and other AI logistics equipment can undoubtedly significantly reduce the labor intensity of personnel and avoid exposing people to harsh environments. What’s more, staff do not have to be in a harsh and hot environment for long periods of time. Instead, they only need to monitor the operation of all equipment and handle abnormal situations in the central control room.

For example, in the automated logistics center of DRMSWL(梦燕), Megvii 3A intelligent logistics solution has realized the automated operation of goods handling and access by deploying equipment such as stacker cranes and conveying lines. Pickers only need to pick at fixed stations, and the daily steps have been reduced by 30,000 steps, which is equivalent to running half a marathon less.

In Sinopharm intelligent logistics center of Guangzhou, each operator in the original warehouse has to move 30,000 pounds of goods per day in the access link. Now Megvii 3A intelligent logistics solution is deployed. Through robotic arms with AI vision recognition technology and stackers and other equipment, it automates and operates intelligently.

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