How AI Can Help?

The pharmaceutical industry had another huge year, with new variants emerging and public health issues abound, industry leaders were in the spotlight for fast responses, new trials and strategic responses.

Despite the pharmaceutical market is booming, the productivity in the warehousing and storage industry dropped. Much of this can be attributed to growing pains as companies such as pharmaceutical warehouses and distribution centers try to increase warehouse capacity, embrace new automation technologies, improve employee safety, adhere to strict government and industry guidelines, and more.

How Megvii AI technology help pharmaceutical industry improve productivity?


Warehouse capacity
To stock and store the massive amount of product, pharmaceutical warehousing companies are always looking to expand.
Product safety regulation
Temperature control
Humidity control
Light exposure
Product traceability
To manage product traceability and tracking, once again many pharmaceutical warehouses are turning to a modern WMS.
Employee safety
The warehouse can be a dangerous place, and employee safety remains one of the big pharmaceutical industry challenges.
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