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Interview | Tang Wenbin: Solving Physical’s Problems with AI is Harder, and Big Models Will Bridge the Application Gap

2023 - Jul - 04

"Before ChatGPT came out, vision and language were in the physical world, and now something deeper is emerging, such as human-computer interaction in the digital world." Recently, Tang Wenbin, co-founder and CTO of Megvii Technology, told itsohucom and other media about ChatGPT that AI technology will usher in a new wave.

He believes that all AI can be divided into two types, one is the AI of the digital world, where the model is more inside the decision-making link that solving tasks in the digital world through knowledge and logic engines; the other is the AI of the physical world, which interacts with the physical world in a robotic way through such a closed loop of perception, decision-making and execution.

Specifically, AI in the physical world needs to map the physical world to the digital world by means of perception, and then make good calculations, simulations, reasoning, and generation in the digital world to form good solutions. It can be able to output to the physical world through control.

"The physical world is more complex. Also it's more difficult to use AI to solve problems in the physical world because it contains a lot of decisions." Tang Wenbin said that based on its own advantages, Megvii will put innovation on AI that deals with the physical world.

In Tang Wenbin's view, the AI scene or technology can be divided into three parts, namely perception, decision and execution. If only perception is available, the whole value chain is incomplete, and the closed-loop value in the scene needs to be formed through the whole chain of perception, decision and execution.

Logistics is a typical area where Megvii uses AI to solve problems in the physical world. In yesterday's business communication meeting, Xu Qingcai, head of logistics business unit of Megvii, said that the spring of the whole industry of intelligent logistics is coming, and the transformation of the entity enterprises' digital intelligence logistics is "removing the falsehood and keeping the truth". They start to pursue high ROI and real economic value, which the business needs of cost reduction and efficiency increase are more genuine. At the same time, the enterprises are more expecting. Enterprises are looking forward to the rapid implementation and real delivery of transformation solutions.

Tang said it has nothing to do with the AI boom, but rather with the epidemic. "Customers' needs have become stronger, especially after the epidemic. They want the business itself to be more controllable and not disturbed by more factors." For example, labor costs have risen and there is a stronger reliance on personnel who do not want to form, while emphasizing standardization and replicability and wanting to be able to do the transformation at a lower cost.

However, the scene of logistics industry is also very fragmented and complex. There are many forms of pallets, boxes, pieces and shelves in the warehouse, which they are of different heights and light weights. They may lead to different corresponding automation solutions. Megvii does not choose to eat all, but focus on doing automation of pallets.

China as a large manufacturing country, the trend of centralization of goods produced is obvious. Many factories, including large urban warehouse city is in the form of pallets for storage. Data show that pallet-type demand accounts for 90% of the overall storage market.

"Megvii also made quite a lot of things in the early days, but in these years it has been focusing again. Megvii hopes to make the products less, but doing better." Tang Wenbin said that the automation of pallets has not been solved well enough yet.

Based on the market demand, Megvii has built flexible tray solutions with the help of AI capability and launched intelligent 3D pallet shuttle, HETU and other software and hardware platforms. Megvii 3D pallet shuttle is currently the thinnest and fastest in the industry, which can also achieve low maintenance or even maintenance-free, and can realize self-healing of abnormal conditions through the "eyes" of the camera.

Meanwhile, at the decision-making level, Megvii can not only achieve high-density storage, but also high-density access through the scheduling capability of HETU software. Megvii also launches room temperature car, cold storage car, dust-proof car, sweeping car, etc., to achieve more personalized coverage of logistics scenarios and expand 3D pallet shuttle in more application scenarios and become more generalized pallet solutions.

This also helps customers to reduce cost and increase efficiency, for example, Sinopharm Holdings, which has cooperated four times in four years, has improved the efficiency of the whole warehouse by 25% with Megvii intelligent solution. The review time of a single order has dropped from 150 seconds to 57 seconds, and will save tens of millions of dollars in the next five years.

According to the introduction, the sales of Megvii 3D pallet shuttle have exceeded 400 units last year, ranking the top three in the market; more than 200 landing cases and 470 signed projects, covering new energy, food, medicine, footwear, chemical fiber, machinery and other fields, with customers such as COFCO, Ningde Times, Bull Group.

Source: itsohucom

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