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Save 50% of electricity! Megvii Intelligent Warehousing Solution Owns Low-Carbon Advantage

2023 - Jul - 02

Can you believe that a shuttle that is only 125 mm thick can carry 1.5 tons of cargo?

Why does such a small body hold so much energy? How many other surprises does it have that we don't know about?

The shuttle even if the pack is far heavier than its weight, it does not affect its forward speed. We only see it back and forth on the warehouse track, turn around and turn effortlessly, just like a flexible "little giant".

More than that, this "little giant" is power saving!

When carrying 1 ton to 1.5 tons of goods, compared to 10 tons of stacker cranes, this "small giant" can further save more than 50% of electricity. So, what is the name of this flexible "Little Giant"? And where does it come from? It turns out that it is an intelligent 3D pallet shuttle independently developed by Megvii Technology. Based on the new generation of pallet flexible logistics solutions, Megvii’s 3D pallet shuttle system has the advantages of high-density storage, strong site adaptability, flexible expansion, short delivery cycle, etc., which can provide better return on investment (ROI) automation and intelligent warehousing solutions for real enterprises.

Megvii’s Intelligent 3D pallet shuttle

Now this intelligent 3D pallet shuttle has been shuttled back and forth in cold chain logistics enterprises, pharmaceutical industry, new energy raw material manufacturing factories, clothing logistics centers and other industrial warehouses. It transports goods, effectively achieving the goals of energy saving and emission reduction and cost reduction for many enterprises, and helping enterprises to realize intelligent and green development.

For the cold chain industry, energy consumption is a huge operation cost. Therefore, how to achieve energy saving and emission reduction is a key issue for business operation and development. At the beginning of 2023, Wanwei, the head enterprise of cold chain logistics, reached a cooperation with Megvii and decided to deploy a 3D pallet shuttle warehouse in Zhengzhou with low-carbon cold chain logistics park to achieve cost reduction, efficiency increase, and intelligent management.

In addition to high efficiency and flexibility, one of the reasons why Wanwei chose Megvii’s 3D pallet shuttle as the core of its flexible logistics solution is also: energy saving.

It is reported that the load to self-weight ratio of the pallet shuttle has an absolute advantage over the stacker. It has a further 35% savings in electricity consumption and more than 25% increase in storage capacity.

Megvii’s intelligent 3D pallet shuttle PS1500 with version of cold storage

Additionally, Megvii’s 3D pallet shuttle is also applied in the pharmaceutical industry and commercial field to help enterprises achieve energy saving and low carbon development.

Jingxin Pharmaceutical adopts 3A Intelligent Solution with Megvii 3D pallet shuttle, AMR and HETU software as the core to build its intelligent dense warehouse in Inner Mongolia Chinese medicine production base to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase and full traceability of information.

According to the traditional logistics automation solution, it required 45 chain conveyors, 11 roller conveyors and 28 overhead lifters to transport the goods.

However, once Megvii 3A intelligent solution is adopted, only four 3D pallet shuttles are needed to easily complete the same task and maximize efficiency. In this way, Jingxin Pharmaceuticals can save a full one-time investment cost of more than 1 million yuan, and also save hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity costs each year.

Megvii 3D pallet shuttle application scenario solution

Nowadays, energy saving and emission reduction is not only the target orientation of enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, but also the strategic orientation of the country to promote new industrialization under the background of "carbon neutral and carbon peak" policy.

The NPC and CPPCC 2023 proposed: "deepen the new industrialization, strengthen the industrial base re-engineering and major technology and equipment research, promote the high-end manufacturing, intelligent, green development."

At present, AI enterprises represented by Megvii Technology are upholding the concept of "AI helps real". Not only accelerating the deep integration of digital technology and real economy at the macro level to speed up cost reduction and efficiency, but also helping enterprises to achieve green and low-carbon. They aim to stimulate new momentum of sustainable development, making the industry green and new.

As a pragmatist and leader in artificial intelligence industry, Megvii is further transforming the logistics industry with the deep integration of AI and IoT technology. It helps warehouse logistics to transform and upgrade to digital intelligence, flexibility and low carbon.

In the future, Megvii will actively respond to the national strategic direction of "promoting high-end, intelligent and green development of manufacturing industry", carry the cultural gene of "technology faith and value pragmatism", build a bridge between economic growth and "sustainable development", help more real enterprises consolidate the base of high-quality development, and contribute to the scientific and technological power to promote a beautiful China with "green water and green mountains".

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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