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Collaboration! People’s Daily Reports Four years’ Cooperation Between Megvii and Sinopharm Guangzhou

2022 - Sep - 02

Recently, People's Daily published a report "Let AI fully empower economic and social development (new economic orientation)". The article describes cases such as “Megvii contributes Intelligent Logistics Center in Sinopharm Guangzhou”, showing that artificial intelligence (AI) has long been moving towards production and has entered the fast development in China.

People’s Daily reports article

"After the transformation and upgrade of Megvii, the logistics center of Sinopharm Guangzhou Co., Ltd. is equipped with artificial intelligence: autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and AI stacker crane, which have become the main force of handling; Intelligent five-side scan machine can read the electronic supervision code on the medicine boxes in real time to achieve Drug circulation traceable. The smart warehouse logistics not only saves millions of yuan in labor costs for the center each year, but also significantly improves work efficiency and achieves a rapid response in the distribution of pharmaceutical supplies during the pandemic period."

The report also points out that at this stage, the most important thing is to apply AI technology to practice and continuously mature and enhance it through iteration. Moreover, it talks about August 15, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched support for the construction of a new generation of AI demonstration application scenarios and released ten application scenarios such as smart factories. It hopes to accelerate the construction of a whole-chain, whole-process AI industry application ecology.

In fact, as early as 2019, Megvii and Sinopharm Guangzhou have been deepening the innovative application of AI technology and pharmaceutical distribution scenarios, starting with the deployment of autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

In 2019, Sinopharm Guangzhou actively carried out intelligent transformation of logistics and adopted Megvii AMR handling robots in Dongguan warehouse to realize unmanned and automated handling in the pharmaceutical storage area. Through more than one year of practical application, it brought a remarkable effect of improving the per capita efficiency of the whole warehouse. For this reason, Sinopharm Guangzhou expanded the application of Megvii MegBot-T800 robot in Zhanjiang warehouse. Compared with non-AMR area, it reduced the average outgoing time of AMR area by 36.7%.

Megvii MegBot-T800 Robots in Sinopharm Zhanjiang warehouse

Based on the excellent results of Dongguan warehouse and Zhanjiang warehouse, Sinopharm Guangzhou further landed Megvii 3A intelligent logistics solution (AS/RS+AMR+AI) in Guangzhou logistics center in 2021, finally upgrading the old warehouse without delaying business operation for one day and achieving 25% improvement in overall efficiency of logistics center and 2 hours earlier operation completion time. This is a model benchmark for pharmaceutical logistics that it can also realize the transformation of digital intelligence without stopping work or reconstruction. This case was also noticed and introduced by People's Daily.

Sinopharm Guangzhou Smart Warehouse Center

In 2022, in Sinopharm Foshan warehouse, the two sides are jointly developing "automatic identification and data collection system for pharmacy", which is the first case in the pharmaceutical industry to solve the whole process information collection and identification of pharmacy through AI visual identification technology. In the receiving process of pharmacy, the system can complete all information review within 1 second after taking photos through human-machine collaboration, achieving high accuracy rate and multiplying the overall work efficiency.

Sinopharm Guangzhou has been committed to combining technology and traditional business to propose innovative solutions and create benchmark cases for the pharmaceutical distribution industry. While Megvii combines "AI+Automation" technology, hoping to help more real enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency to achieve high-quality development. The four successful cooperation between the two sides in the past four years deepens the application innovation of AI technology and pharmaceutical distribution scenarios.

In the future, Megvii hopes to continue to cooperate with Sinopharm Guangzhou and other customers, to promote the high-quality development of real enterprises and deep integration of AI technology and industry application scenarios.

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