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Xinhua News Agency | The Future Has Come, What Does A "Dark Factory" Look Like?

2022 - Oct - 13

Recently, Xinhua News Agency published a video report titled "Global ConnectionVisiting "Dark Factory"--Made in China is getting smarter" in the "Future China" section. The video shows the Industry AIoT of Megworld and the production workshop of Wolong Electric Group, which Megvii participated in construction. It shows the high degree of automation and unmannedness of the "Dack Factory".

As an artificial intelligence company focusing on IoT scenarios, Megvii has helped many enterprises to build "Dark Factory". In the "Dark Factory", will it be pitch-black?

Located in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang province, Wolong Electric Group Co.,Ltd. is a multinational company mainly engaged in motor and drive manufacture. Here is a practical case of improving efficiency in “Dark Factory”.

Actually, the "Dark Factory" is not a dark place. It is also known as a smart factory. From raw materials to the final product, all production, storage, handling and testing are done by intelligent robots or automated equipment according to the instructions of the software system without manual operation.

In Wolong's automated production workshop, numerous systems and equipment are running independently and efficiently. The entire operation process does not require much human involvement. The overall productivity of the automated workshop is 79% higher than that of the traditional workshop; Also the production and operation costs are 33.5% lower, and the energy utilization is 16.7% higher.

Over the past decade, China has insisted on implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, continuously promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries to intelligence and digitalization. As promoting China's economy to higher level, the "Dark Factory" significantly represents the wave of high-quality development.

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