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Top Ten Demonstration Cases of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Technology Innovation Application

2021 - Nov - 15
Recently, the 2021 6th China Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference and Pharmaceutical Logistics Innovation and Development Forum was held in Guangzhou.

As the leading enterprise of "AI + logistics" in China, Megvii shared the industrial background of AI + pharmaceutical logistics, 3A smart logistics solutions and application cases of Megvii in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Megvii's "AI-Powered Intelligent Pharmaceutical Logistics Center" project was awarded the "2020-2021 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Innovation Demonstration Case - Top 10 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Technology Innovation Application Demonstration Cases", showing a new model of "AI + pharmaceutical logistics".

Megvii's "AI-Powered Intelligent Pharmaceutical Logistics Center" was selected as the annual pharmaceutical supply chain innovation demonstration case

The theme of this conference is "Innovation and Empowerment to Break Through the Threshold", representatives from Sanofi, Janssen, Eli Lilly, Roche, Hualing, Weigao, Bayer, Shanghai RAAS and other pharmaceutical manufacturers, Sinopharm, Shanghai Pharma, China Resources, Representatives of pharmaceutical wholesale and retail enterprises such as Jointown, Guangyao, Yunnan Pharmaceutical, Ruikang Pharmaceutical, Zhejiang Inte, Pien Tze Huang Hongren, Nanjing Pharmaceutical, Dashenlin, Neptune Galaxy, etc., as well as more than 550 related solution companies in the upstream and downstream of the pharmaceutical supply chain Representatives of famous government, industry, university and research enterprises gathered in Guangzhou to discuss how the upstream and downstream of the pharmaceutical supply chain and the participants in the ecosystem can jump out of "yesterday's logic", innovate and empower, under the country's guiding ideology of high-quality development of pharmaceutical circulation. Break through the "threshold" of enterprise development and realize all-round reconstruction of the supply chain.

2021 The 6th China Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference and Pharmaceutical Logistics Innovation and Development Forum

Break through the industry threshold with technological innovation, and help the digital upgrade of the pharmaceutical supply chain

During the conference, in the "Intelligent Pharmaceutical Logistics Technology Innovation" sub-forum, Megvii was invited to give a speech and share. According to the relevant data of the "2021 China Pharmaceutical Logistics Development Report" released by the China Medical Logistics Branch, in 2020, my country's pharmaceutical logistics costs increased by 11.4% year-on-year, but the pharmaceutical logistics storage area increased by 2% year-on-year, and the overall increase was small. In this regard, Megvii believes that under the premise that the increase in infrastructure is limited and the manpower gap is still there, in order to meet the increasing scale requirements of the pharmaceutical supply chain, AI will be used to upgrade the existing system to improve the efficiency of logistics operations and make up for the foundation. The gap in facilities and manpower is an important measure to break through the industry threshold and accelerate the digitalization of pharmaceutical logistics.

"AI is a good medicine for logistics cost reduction and efficiency increase", Jianhong Bai, head of Megvii Technology Logistics Business Solution Center, mentioned in his sharing, "Through AI + pharmaceutical logistics, on the one hand, the rigid demand for human resources in various logistics businesses can be greatly reduced and high costs; on the other hand, AI can deploy overall solutions in business scenarios such as transportation, warehousing, handling, storage, sorting, outbound, distribution, customer service, etc. upgrade."

Jianhong Bai, Head of Megvii Technology Logistics Business Solution Center

Megvii's 3A solution empowers the whole process of medical smart logistics

On the second day of the conference, representatives of 7 pharmaceutical supply chain innovation case companies shared a 10-minute live case study. Among them,Yingkang  Liang, general manager of Sinopharm Holding Guangdong Logistics Co., Ltd. shared the case of an AI-enabled smart pharmaceutical logistics center, and mentioned, "With the help of 3A smart logistics solutions, Sinopharm Guangzhou, a logistics center that has been in production for more than 10 years, will not stop work or tear down. 、Under the condition of no reconstruction, the intelligent upgrade is realized. The overall efficiency of the transformed warehouse is increased by 25%, and the storage density of the logistics center is increased by 15%; the time for employees to complete their work is 2 hours earlier, and each person in the picking process takes a 'half horse' less. (Half marathon). Thanks to reduced labor intensity and higher piece rate wages, employee labor efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction have increased.”

Subsequently, as a representative of the company, Megvii shared the latest solution of pharmaceutical logistics, namely the 3A smart logistics solution adopted by Sinopharm Guangzhou. Specifically, through the overall scheduling of the smart logistics operating system "Megvii Hetu", the solution integrates the traditional AS/RS automated logistics system with the emerging AMR flexible logistics system and integrates it organically. At the same time, relying on Megvii's leading underlying AI technology , which enables visual perception and algorithms to enable the whole process of medical logistics such as appointment receipt, document identification, carton information identification, storage, review, sowing, and loading, effectively helping customers reduce costs, increase efficiency, and simplify management.

"By integrating high-performance AS/RS + flexible AMR + innovative AI, Megvii's 3A smart logistics solution has the characteristics of short cycle and high return," said Changshun Cheng, vice president of logistics business sales of Megvii Technology, "This solution uses shorter mechanical Assembly, electronic control design time and on-site installation and commissioning time can shorten the delivery cycle; improve pharmaceutical logistics through less equipment and labor investment, higher equipment utilization, lower power consumption, and more leisurely distribution investment, etc. ROI (return on investment).”

Changshun Cheng, Vice President of Sales of Megvii Technology Logistics Business

In fact, the Megvii 3A smart logistics solution has obvious effect on the digital and intelligent upgrade of the existing logistics system. The above-mentioned Sinopharm Holding Guangzhou Logistics Center renovation project is estimated to save tens of millions of yuan in costs in the next five years. In addition, Megvii hopes to establish a successful model of "AI + pharmaceutical logistics" in the field of pharmaceutical logistics with the help of similar key projects.

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