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Sino-German dialogue on artificial intelligence

2021 - Sep - 30
In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, accelerating industrial digitization and improving the level of supply chain modernization has become the consensus of many industries. The logistics industry is an inseparable part of it, and the interconnection of the global logistics industry has also become the development of the logistics industry. important driving force.

Recently, the "2021 Sino-German Artificial Intelligence Application in Logistics Industry Online Seminar", co-sponsored by the German-Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (GCAAI) and the Artificial Intelligence Logistics Industry Alliance (AILIA) and co-organized by Megvii Technology, was successfully held, attracting many Expert representatives of enterprises participated, including artificial intelligence companies and intelligent logistics equipment companies such as Sinopharm, Jingxing, Damon, Fuller, Blue Core Technology, and Kuicang. In addition, experts from Tongji University, the German-Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence and the Shanghai Branch of the German Logistics Federation also participated in the seminar.

The conference aims to strengthen the exchanges between industry experts from the two countries at the level of technology development and application, and combine different practical experiences and market insights at home and abroad to jointly explore a better development path for the intelligent development of the logistics industry. At the meeting, Changshun Cheng, Vice President of Megvii, Dianjun Fang, Chief Scientist in China of the Fraunhofer Institute of Logistics in Germany, Professor of Tongji University, Stefan Erfurth, Vice Chairman of the German-Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, and Fraunhofer Institute of Logistics in Germany ( Fraunhofer IML) researcher Anike Murrenhoff and DHL Group senior data scientist Fabian Bock conducted in-depth discussions on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the logistics and supply chain industries, Chinese and foreign data supervision policies, data security and other topics. Experts believe that in the foreseeable future, the application of AI in the global logistics industry will continue to deepen, and more innovative technologies and applications for specific scenarios will emerge, making the integration of AI + logistics closer.

Changshun Cheng briefly introduced the development history of Megvii Technology, and demonstrated the company's technologies and products in the logistics field to German partners through video, including the new generation AI productivity platform Brain++, the innovative Meg3A (AS/RS+AMR+AI) Solutions, employee safety management system, Megvii HETU one-stop AIoT smart logistics platform, etc. Among them, the "unmanned" warehousing realized by Megvii through the smart logistics platform HETU attracted the special attention of the participants - the smart logistics technology represented by "smart warehousing, unmanned distribution and logistics robots" can already achieve higher The degree of "unmanned" indicates that intelligent technology based on robots will become the core element of global smart factories and smart logistics centers, promote the comprehensive upgrade of warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and supply chains, and promote the traditional manufacturing industry. Realize true "digitization, intelligence and flexibility".

After the meeting, the experts also visited the Megvii Artificial Intelligence Logistics Laboratory, which was jointly established by the Megvii Shanghai Research Institute and the Smart Logistics Division to showcase the research results of Megvii Technology in AI + logistics. The technicians of the research institute introduced the prospect of Megvii to cutting-edge technologies and the exploration of industry solutions to the visitors, and showed the application scenarios of the combination of advanced visual algorithms and logistics systems, such as the carton information identification system MegVS-Box, drug information The review system MegVS-SKU, etc., has received unanimous attention from experts.

A white paper jointly released by the World Economic Forum and Accenture pointed out that "by 2025, the digital transformation of the logistics industry will bring a risk value of US$1.5 trillion to logistics participating companies, and its social impact is as high as US$240 million." Megvii believes that the current smart logistics is showing an explosive growth stage. In addition to the rapid development of technology, the logistics industry is also facing increasingly complex and diverse needs. It requires multi-party cooperation and complementary resources to achieve a win-win situation. Megvii will be committed to the innovation of deep neural network algorithms based on cloud, edge, terminal and other platforms, creating AIoT software and hardware integration products and original "3A smart logistics solutions" (AI+AS/RS+AMR) smart logistics solutions , applied to three scenarios of smart warehouse, smart park and smart micro-warehouse to help improve the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the overall supply chain.

As the first world-class AI company to enter the field of smart logistics, Megvii and industry partners jointly initiated the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Logistics Industry Alliance ("Alliance") in 2020, which has attracted more than 40 member units, integrating industry and academia. , research and use the strengths of all parties to jointly promote the new business form of "AI + logistics".

Picture:Member units of the Artificial Intelligence Logistics Industry Alliance

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