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Looking at China's "Intelligent Manufacturing" from the "Dark Factory"

2021 - Sep - 08

Beijing Megvii Technology Co., Ltd., an artificial intelligence company, built an intelligent "Dark Factory" model workshop for a motor and drive manufacturer in Zhejiang Province.

From steel plate factories to mobile phone factories, from household motors to rocket ignition device parts, more and more Chinese companies are moving towards intelligent production, introducing a 24-hour uninterrupted and unattended production "Dark Factory" model.

“Dark Factory”,also known as a smart factory, it is named after the machines in the workshop can operate automatically and do not require lighting. Under the wave of intelligence, black light factories can reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency and product quality, and can produce some dangerous goods to ensure the safety of workers.

It is an important step for the domestic steel industry to move towards intelligent manufacturing to let machines replace people to complete high-intensity, repetitive and even dangerous labor. After Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. used the slag removal robot, the slag extraction rate was reduced from 10% to 9%. This percentage point can save the company about 600,000 yuan a year.

Xi'an Aerospace Power Measurement and Control Technology Research Institute is China's solid rocket motor research base. Without increasing manpower and material resources, the institute has achieved a 24-hour working mode of the ignition device metal and safety mechanism manufacturing unit through appropriate informatization, production process automation transformation and upgrade. At night, automated equipment performs rough processing of products, and during the day, workers perform finishing and follow-up operations after going to work, and the production efficiency has been increased by more than two times.

At the Xiaomi smart factory in Beijing, a machine "pinches" the sides of an 8-inch phone, simulating a human hand to repeatedly fold the screen in half. Most of the more than 200 processes required for a new folding screen mobile phone are completed by smart devices. They were born in the "black light factory", and the annual output can reach one million units.

Megvii Technology, an artificial intelligence company located in Beijing, has built an intelligent "black light factory" model workshop integrating software and hardware for a motor and drive manufacturer in Zhejiang, supporting the efficient operation of the factory and comprehensively promoting the automation and flexibility of manufacturing and logistics. Improve the level of industrialization and intelligence, speed up the response speed of enterprise operations, and ultimately achieve production capacity improvement.


Intelligent handling robots move in workshops through QR codes and inertial navigation

Qingcai Xu, senior vice president of Megvii Technology and general manager of the logistics business department, told reporters that this "Dark Factory" is a typical case of artificial intelligence empowering traditional industries to improve quality and efficiency. With the help of Megvii's smart logistics solution and artificial intelligence algorithm, it realizes multi-device integrated and collaborative operation, improves accuracy and has traceability.

Qingcai Xu explained that, specifically, the intelligent upgrade of artificial intelligence to enterprises includes three levels: one is the intelligence of a single device, the second is the intelligence of the entire system, and the third is scene intelligence, that is, specific production scenarios use artificial intelligence. Technology is able to sense, think, act and evolve on its own.

At the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference held in July this year, Yaqing Xiao, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that with the joint efforts of government, industry, academia, research and application, the development of my country's artificial intelligence industry has made significant progress, and technological innovation and application capabilities in some fields have entered the international advanced ranks. The integration of technology and the real economy is further deepened.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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