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MediaSays|Flexiblecombinationslikebuildingblocks,hyperscalecluster scheduling

2022 - May - 12

In April, Megvii released a new product of 3D pallet shuttle system. For this reason, Jiang Hong, deputy editor-in-chief of LOGISTICS & MATERIAL HANDLING, interviewed Jenny Lu overseas leader of Megvii logistics business division, and wrote an in-depth report on "Megvii creates 3D pallet shuttle system and launches a new generation of pallet flexible logistics solution". The following are some selected views from the article.

The 3D pallet shuttle is not a simple high density storage system


The 3D pallet shuttle solution is not a simple high density storage system, but a highly flexible and dynamic intelligent storage solution, whose core advantage is discrete equipment + distributed control, which means that customers can flexibly configure the number of pallet shuttle according to their needs, and through the software scheduling its efficient operation.

3D pallet shuttle system can be combined flexibly like building blocks

The main reason why is called "a new generation of flexible pallet logistics solution" is that it has two main features of discrete equipment and distributed control, so that user companies can flexibly combine and deploy it as needed, just like building blocks. User companies can increase or decrease the number of pallet shuttle at any time according to the changes of low and high seasons and business growth to enhance the system's carrying capacity.

Pallet shuttle system has strong warehouse adaptability


Although the area, size and shape of users' warehouses are different, the demand for automated logistics systems is the same. How to make the automated logistics equipment adapt to different warehouses, flexibility and expandability is particularly important. Pallet shuttle can realize one car to run the whole warehouse, no matter the warehouse is concave, convex or beveled irregular shape, it can make full use of every inch of the warehouse space, and the adaptability to different scenarios such as dense storage, cold storage, line side storage, cache sorting, factory idle space, multi-story building storage, park cross-building openings is very good.

Pallet shuttle may be similar to AMR development path


Following the explosive growth of the AGV/AMR market, the pallet shuttle vehicle, which is regarded as a "revolutionary product", has received a lot of attention in recent years because of its rapid rise in China demand. Like AMR, although the original pallet shuttle vehicle is in Europe, but the real batch use is in China. Because there is a rich application market and a complete industry chain in China, it can reduce its product cost and accelerate the mass application. Pallet shuttle vehicles should also be such a development path.

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