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When Candy Kingdom meets AI technology, Hsu Fu Chi realizes intelligent manufacturing upgrade

2021 - Apr - 27

Hsu Fu Chi, a well-known snack food company in China. Since 2017, Hsu Fu Chi has been exploring intelligent manufacturing in combination with new technologies. With the help of Megvii AI and smart logistics solutions, Hsu Fu Chi continues to iterate the level of intelligence and build a Hsu Fu Chi factory in all directions. During the period, Megvii customized a point-to-point + goods-to-person + intelligent handling system for Hsu Fu Chi to realize automatic handling, and the timely and accurate rate of material handling reached 100%, which greatly reduced the safety risks in the workshop and solved the problems in food transportation. , change passive management to active management.

High labor intensity and low efficiency, hindering the expansion of production capacity

Before the handling of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and other materials in the production workshop, most of them rely on labor

There are many SKUs, and the cost of packaging, transportation and warehousing is high

More than 1000 product styles with different volume, density and packaging standards

The security risk in the operation area is high, and the deployment is difficult

The product transfer area is dense with people, vehicles and logistics, which is prone to safety problems; and in a semi-open space, it is difficult to deploy robots

Customized point-to-point + goods-to-person + intelligent handling system solutions

In terms of hardware, the Megvii intelligent handling robot replaces labor and realizes fully automated handling between the workshop, the public platform and the delivery platform; the robot can still run automatically under the condition of black light, and will go to the charging pile to charge by itself in the low power state. . In terms of software, with the help of the smart logistics operating system Megvii HETU, managers can view the activity path and running status of each robot in real time, and adjust freight strategies in time according to production capacity and product conditions.

Targeted design for the operational challenges of semi-open spaces

Megvii plans an independent operation area to reduce the impact of cross-operation; carry out ground renovation and reinforcement; add rain-proof ground grooves to reduce the impact of rain; upgrade the robot body to improve ground adaptability; customize the development layer on the system to increase the automatic restart function to reduce personnel Intervention; reserved cleaning robot interface, etc. The series design ensures the stable operation of on-site operations.

7x24 hours phone support + high standard original factory service in case of high-level failures

Relying on rich industry experience, professional technical capabilities and perfect after-sales service system, Megvii provides real-time online technical support and consultation for customers; in case of high-level failures, Megvii team will go to the scene in time to provide high-standard original factory services.

lower the cost

The handling operation is fully automated, and the daily transportation volume of the robot is about 240 tons, which greatly liberates manpower

Improve production quality

The contact between personnel and products is reduced, and the number of abnormal batches of products per year is reduced by 40% while productivity is increased by 42%.

Improve efficiency

The timeliness and accuracy of material handling are significantly improved, and the robot transportation error can be controlled within ±10mm

Guarantee production safety

Reduce the flow of people in the operation area, systematically manage the flow of vehicles and logistics, and better ensure the safety of people and goods in the workshop


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