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Help Ningbo Electronics Enterprises Save 2 Million Annual Costs With Whole Process Intelligence

2022 - Jan - 04

Ningbo An Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established on May 24, 2001. The company's business scope includes the manufacture, design, research and development, and processing of electronic products, explosion-proof electric actuators, explosion-proof solenoid valves, hardware, plastic products, and automatic control components; self-operated and agency import and export of various commodities and technologies, etc.

The traditional manual handling and packaging work is intensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and cannot meet the growing production needs of enterprises. Therefore, an electronics company in Ningbo put forward the need for automation construction when planning a new plant, so as to improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

According to the needs of an electronics company in Ningbo and the characteristics of warehousing and logistics in the 3C electronics industry, Megvii customized the GTP+P2P handling solution and deployed it in the customer's factory building to realize warehouse automation.


The solution is to deploy the Megvii P2P handling solution on the 2nd floor of the customer's warehouse, and dispatch CTU multi-layer handling forklifts to realize the unmanned handling of "raw material workshop-production workshop-finished product workshop"; deploy Megvii GTP on the 3rd floor of the customer's warehouse Handling solutions, through HETU dispatching T800, etc., to realize the automation of finished products in and out of the warehouse and improve efficiency.

Megvii deployed a P2P handling solution for the second floor of an electronics company in Ningbo, dispatching CTU multi-layer handling forklifts with HETU, connecting production workshops, raw material workshops and finished product workshops to achieve point-to-point handling;

The GTP handling solution is deployed on the third floor, and AGV robots (T800) are dispatched through HETU. Its working process is as follows:
1) The AGV lifts the pallet support from the receiving temporary storage area on the first floor to the test area on the third floor through the elevator.
2) The tested goods are transported and put into storage by AGV and multi-layer light fork respectively.
3) WMS dispatches stock orders.
4) The AGV transports the out-of-stock order boxes to the order consolidation area.
5) After the AGV transports the order, the order will be sent to the outbound area by the elevator.

Equipment used: intelligent AGV, multi-layer light fork, multi-wedge roller conveyor, gravityless conveyor, automatic integrated baler, transfer machine.


Through this solution, the automation from receipt to delivery is realized, which reduces manpower by 20+ and saves 2 million yuan per year.

Through the deployment of the intelligent hardware equipment of the HETU dispatching robot, the solution completes different functions in different working areas, realizes the automatic handling of goods in various storage areas and production lines in the warehouse, as well as the automatic entry and exit of materials and inventory count, and realizes the process from raw material receipt to delivery. The overall empowerment from the production line to the off-line storage and delivery of finished products.

The solution also embodies the seamless connection between the multi-layer light fork and the multi-wedge roller conveyor, as well as the cooperation between the intelligent AGV and the elevator, which provides a good reference and paradigm for more companies in demand in the 3C electronics industry.

In the future, Megvii will build an automated intelligent three-dimensional warehouse on the first floor of the factory building to further help customers improve the construction of intelligent warehouses.

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