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Based on HETU's openness, helping a steel group build a smart warehouse

2022 - Jan - 04

A China Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. is an important state-owned central enterprise supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Its headquarters are located in Shanghai and Wuhan. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, it is the largest and most modern steel complex in China. Under the background of informatization and automation transformation of various industries, it is hoped to launch a pilot project of intelligent logistics benchmarking to promote the transformation of automated logistics within the group.

In recent years, new technologies have been widely used in logistics and warehousing. The information department of an iron and steel group also proposed the construction requirements for smart warehousing and smart IoT, which saves the workload of personnel and improves internal efficiency. Operate the forklift to fork the ton of coal-based needle coke from the discharge port to the open field for stacking. The tonnage is large, the center of gravity is high, and the woven bag is used for storage. The amount of manual work is large, and the general robot cannot meet its operation needs. Low density and large footprint. At the same time, toner products and the open air environment lead to poor warehouse environment, requiring staff to clean up regularly.

Help to promote the intelligentization of the warehouse center of a steel group in Shanghai, mainly to realize the automation, intelligence, standardization, informatization, and unmanned operation of business management. Through big data analysis, intelligent algorithms and machine vision technology, it realizes the visualization of operational data, realizes data statistics and analysis, and provides a basis for decision-making and management.

Through the introduction of handling robots (AGV) for collaborative operation, it can be automatically stored without direct manual processing, which can realize intelligent automatic handling, reduce personnel input and safety accidents caused by human emotions, so as to realize the automation of palletizing.
In addition, in response to the problems of large tonnage and irregular packaging of ton bags, Megvii also revised the material rack, and adopted a rack with four uprights to prevent the material rack from tilting and other problems caused by tilting.

The lifting AGV is guided by the QR code to carry out P2P handling from the packaging point of the finished product to the connection point of the dense warehouse: after the AGV completes the code support, manually use the PDA to send the storage instruction to the AGV; the AGV drags the ton bag, tray and tray bracket together Move and reach the connection point of the intensive storage, the connection equipment performs the connection operation, and the storage is completed under the power of the roller conveyor. After the connection operation is completed, the WMS sends a connection completion signal to the AGV.

After the connection is completed, 5 empty trays are generated in the dense warehouse, and the WMS sends the empty tray return instruction. The AGV drags the tray bracket and the empty tray stack, and drives to the storage connection point of the automatic disassembler to complete the connection of the empty tray stack. , to realize the recycling of pallets.

The project overcomes the difficulties of large tonnage and difficult transportation, and realizes the operation of IWR1300 in semi-open-air (canopy) and harsh working environment, with a load of 1T ton bags and dense storage vertical storage connection, as well as intensive storage vertical storage The automatic connection of warehousing and lifting conveyors has helped Shanghai Baosteel to build a pilot project of intelligent logistics benchmarking

Through this solution, Megvii saves manpower and material resources for partners, and realizes cost reduction and efficiency improvement with smart logistics. At the same time, the deployment of Megvii's solution also means that Megvii has experience in automation transformation for heavy industry with harsh construction environment and large product tonnage.

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