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Deepening cooperation, Bull Group deploys Megvii 3D pallet shuttle solution

2022 - Aug - 05

Bull Group will adopt Megvii intelligent pallet shuttle solution to build a high density storage to support the growing business demand of Bull. This is another cooperation after both parties adopted Megvii 3A smart logistics solution (AS/RS+AMR+AI) last year to build an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse in the logistics center. 

As one of the top 500 manufacturing companies in China, Bull Group focuses on the R&D, production and sales of residential electrical products and is a household name in converters and sockets. The existing operation mode of the enterprise is personnel-intensive, labour costly and unable to meet the increase in material flow brought by business growth. For this reason, Bull Group is very forward-looking. It has started to gradually carry out automation and the intelligent transformation of the existing mode in recent years, devoting itself to creating a system with low labour cost, high efficiency of logistics flow and intelligent management to meet future business development needs.

Client pain point

With many SKUs and growing business volume, the traditional operation method of low storage capacity, low efficiency and high cost has become the bottleneck of enterprise production.

Linking the cache warehouse with the production line significantly increases inventory and improves goods' efficiency in and out of the warehouse.

The shaped space requires an innovative automated, and intelligent dense storage solution. The area is a 6m high-shaped space, covering 2800㎡, mainly used for caching semi-finished products needed for the production line. Today, manual work and floor stacking methods can no longer meet the business capacity requirements, and the overall ROI using stacker solutions is low.

We hope the solution has substantial flexibility to meet the needs of further business expansion in the future.

Project solution

The smart warehouse project of Bull Group selected Megvii 3D pallet shuttle solution, including 3D pallet shuttle, vertical transporter, rack systems, conveyor and other systems, which can complete the automated storage, in/out operation of raw materials and semi-finished products, significantly reducing manual handling and effectively improving operational efficiency and space utilization.


Solution highlights

Systematic design, high feasibility

The logistics technologies in the project are all mature and advanced technologies that have been used in several engineering examples, providing a robust technical guarantee for project implementation and transformation

Safe and reliable

Megvii Robot always puts the reliability, feasibility and advancedness of the solution first to ensure that the system can meet the future business needs of the enterprise. And the critical components of the vital equipment of the logistics system are all made of first-class products. In the program design, the system's self-recovery capability and redundancy design are also fully considered to ensure the solid anti-interference capacity of the system, such as a 3D pallet shuttle vehicle emergency strategy, vertical transporter mutual backup strategy, etc.

Advanced and practical

In the solution, the first level of goods entering and exiting the warehouse does not pass through the elevator, and personnel can use the periphery of the dense warehouse for in-line picking, eliminating the need to set up separate picking positions and effectively improving operational efficiency. At the same time, the high density storage realizes the whole pallet in and out so that the entire box picking and split picking is more effortless. The 125mm ultra-thin design of the Megvii 3D pallet shuttle carriage avoids occupying the fire escape and brings higher space utilization.

High flexibility and flexible expansion

The system designed for the project supports business expansion, capacity increase, and expansion of logistics center functions. For example, the number of pallet shuttles can be increased to improve operational efficiency when business grows, and the vertical transporter can consider the possible doubling of all future traffic.

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