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The 10th Anniversary of Megvii | Dare to think and act, go to the new decade

2021 - Oct - 12
On October 8, 2011, Megvii was born in an office with only more than 90 square meters outside the East Gate of Tsinghua University.

At that time, artificial intelligence was still in the early stage of a new round of explosion. The landing of artificial intelligence technology is a road that no one has traveled before. Is the technology mature? How is product defined? Can business take off? At that time, no one could give an answer.

Purely relying on the belief in the essence of technology, coupled with a little courage to dare to think and act, Megvii has galloped all the way and traveled long distances, and has passed the ten-year innovation road of artificial intelligence.

In the past ten years, Megvii has gathered a group of people who are unwilling to be ordinary. We are reluctant to be followers of innovation, and look forward to using artificial intelligence technology to bring a little change to the world.

In the past ten years, Megvii has grown up with China's artificial intelligence industry. We have repeatedly searched on the road of technology, products and commercialization, looking forward to giving a phased answer to China's scientific and technological innovation.

In the past ten years, the best part is the state of being brave and fearless, daring to think and act for the ideal at the beginning of everything. This is not only the most valuable spiritual property of Megvii in the past ten years, but also the most powerful inner force for the next ten years.

After ten years, I would like to thank all the colleagues of technological idealism. In the next ten years, we will be brave and work hard to the end, and Megvii will answer with actions.

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