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Ask and Answer | About Megvii 3D pallet shuttle, here is all you want to know!

2022 - Jul - 06

The first phase of Megvii logistics business “No.1 Experience Officer” live streaming was successfully started yesterday.

As product recommendation officer, Changshun and assistant Niuniu led everyone into the operation site of 3D pallet shuttle solution system.

Watching and learning!

This Article summarizes the live process of all Q&A contents. It covers four major aspects: product features, equipment maintenance, equipment usage, application situation and outlook.

There are 15 questions you may concern about

Let’s review them together!

Product features


Why is it named ‘3D pallet shuttle’?

It is named 3D pallet shuttle because it can drive in four directions—front, rear, left, right. But in fact, it can also drive up and down through the vertical transporter. That’s why sometimes we call it the "3D pallet shuttle".


How are the wheels of a 3D pallet shuttle distributed?

The 3D pallet shuttle has a total of 12 wheels: a set of front-rear wheel system and a set of left-right wheel systems.


What’s the load capacity of a 3D pallet shuttle?

The standard load capacity of 3D pallet shuttle is 1500kg (1.5t), which is equivalent to the load capacity of a passenger elevator.


What should I do if the QR code is iced in the cold storage?

The humidity in cold storage is controlled that won’t be iced.


How is the 3D pallet shuttle positioned?

It has precise positioning through QR code.


What are advantages of the 3D pallet shuttle?

High space utilization, expandability, robustness, site adaptability, low carbon and energy saving.


Does the 3D pallet shuttle support change layers with goods? Will cargos slope off when they are conveyed on the vertical transporter?

The scheduling capability of Megvii 3D pallet shuttle system covers whole area and change layers with goods; The vertical transporter is designed with anti-tip and misalignment detection.


How is the battery life?

Full discharge get full release. Charging 2000 times and maintain the power to more than 70%.

Equipment maintenance


What is the maximum number of QR codes that can be missing from the shelves? If so, can it still function properly?

Up to 3 consecutive missing QR codes can still continue to run. For more information, please consult


The self-cleaning function of the QR code is good, but will it blow some larger particles to the lower layer and instead increase the failure rate?


If there is a large temporary power outage, will it still available?

As long as the upper software control system and AP communication system keep power on, the 3D pallet shuttle can continue to work without using the vertical transporter.

Equipment usage


Hong long does it take for a newbie to learn to operate Megvii 3D pallet shuttle?

Our APP is very easy to operate. As long as you can use electronic products, it only takes you 5 minutes to quick start.


Will there be signal loss over 20 meters?

It won’t, as long as you cover with reasonable AP planning arrangement signal.

Application situation and outlook


How many customers does Megvii 3D pallet shuttle have now? What are some landing cases?

At present, Megvii has accumulated more than 10 head customers. For example, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, Jiangxi Zichen Technology, Bull Group and Ganfeng Lithium Group, Jack Technology, etc.


What are the next upgrade directions for Megvii 3D pallet shuttle?

Firstly, we will combine with customized scenarios, upgrading the application composition of robotic arm and 3D pallet shuttle. Moreover, we will vigorously promote the application of picking in food & retail scenarios. We will also apply more micro-customization services to respond customer needs.

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