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3D Pallet Shuttle Case Study - One Electric Vehicles supplier

2023 - Apr - 24

Electric vehicles are undeniably the future of the automotive industry and will have a heavy influence on the world in 2023 and beyond. Therefore, upstream and downstream companies have also seen a surge in business with the booming development of electric vehicles.

As a well-known enterprise of global graphite cathodematerials company, Zichen Technology work with Megvii's 3D pallet shuttle and SLAM AMR to update their warehouse andmeet high-density storage requirements.

Megvii provided the 3D Pallet Shuttle solution for one of the companies producing graphite materials and met their high density storage of pallets requirement.

Meanwhile, Megvii provided AMR to transfer the pallet between factory warehouses and production lines.


Existing operational models require a significant amount of staff, leading to high labor costs and an inability to support business growth.

Efficient management of large-scale storage is necessary to ensure accuracy, reduce labor costs, and minimize operating expenses.

Deployment in dusty environments must be reliable and efficient.


3D pallet shuttle * 29: more suitable for storing larger batch sizes and in high performance applications. They allow for the greatest storage density, thereby optimizing use of space and increasing pick efficiencies.

Lift * 4: transpot the pallet in everywhere in the Warehouse.

SLAM AMR*18:SLAM AMR has achieved technological breakthroughs and equipment process improvements such as map editing, high robustness of SLAM positioning algorithms, high-precision point-to-point and large-scale cluster scheduling


Improved space utilization 300%

Operational accuracy 100%

Reduced power consumption 75%

Reduced operation cost 25%

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