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Demonstration of an intelligent logistics industrial park for a smart park in Wuhu

2021 - Dec - 27

The first phase of an intelligent logistics industrial park project in Wuhu will build an intelligent logistics equipment and intelligent warehouse R&D center, an intelligent logistics demonstration base that integrates an intelligent logistics industrial park and an automated intelligent warehouse demonstration center; Logistics equipment and intelligent warehouse research institute, artificial intelligence demonstration center, intelligent equipment supply chain integration industrial park, intelligent logistics industrial park, technology incubator, etc.

In order to solve the problems of many varieties, large batches, and heavy labor in the 3PL industry, a smart logistics industrial park in Wuhu invested in building a large-scale logistics park with an integrated development strategy in the Yangtze River Delta region, investing in intelligent warehousing equipment and facilities to replace labor, and completing fully automatic warehouse entry and exit operations. Take solid steps towards Industry 4.0.

With Hetu as the core, Megvii has customized an integrated automation solution for receiving, dispatching, depositing, sorting and dispatching. The scheme realizes fully automated operations of e-commerce unloading, handling, and classified storage through automated three-dimensional warehouses and high-density storage dense warehouses; based on Hetu, unmanned operations and dense storage systems are deployed for inbound and outbound warehouses, through conveyors, kiva AGVs, automatic Labeling, automatic code scanning, etc. have achieved seamless connection with the storage area and the outbound packaging area.

The content of the solution includes the completion of unloading, handling, and storage of goods through Hetu dispatching automatic conveyors, and then the warehouse management system records the cargo information, and stores it according to the degree of urgency; after the outbound task is issued by the ERP system, Hetu dispatches AGVs The goods are automatically sent to the picking workstation, the robotic arms are automatically de-stacked, and they are automatically weighed and labeled after confluence, and the sorting tasks are automatically completed by the high-speed sorter.
Through this solution, it is possible to realize automatic warehouse entry and exit, unmanned warehouse entry operations, and greatly improve the automation of logistics system operations.

This scheme realizes the automatic in-out of multi-storage area, whole cargo and bulk cargo through Hetu dispatching hardware equipment. In addition, Megvii also built an automatic integrated packaging machine for customers, which helped customers realize the full automation of review packaging and greatly saved labor.


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