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Online shopping app warehouse

2022 - Jan - 05

Customer Profile

  1. Customer is an online shopping app based on the traditional e-commerce model, the Chinese e-commerce platform has services for authenticating and inspecting products to combat counterfeits. It also has strict authenticity-checking measures for product listings, trading mechanism and unified delivery.

 Megvii Solution

  1. 1. Goods to Person
  2. 2. MegBot:T800
  3. 3. Visual perception system
  4. 4. Scan Rings
  5. 5. Megvii HETU

Customer Benefit

  1. 1. Picking efficiency 500 pieces/hour/workstation
  2. 2. Improve the picking efficiency and operation efficiency by 350%
  3. 3.Space utilization improve 200%

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