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2021 National Logistics Service Engineer Competition

2021 - Dec - 24

On December 19, the national finals of the "2021 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition - The Second National Logistics Service Technician Vocational Skills Competition" (referred to as the "Logistics Service Technician Competition") ended successfully. As the co-organizer of the two competitions, Megvii Robotics has fully participated in the provincial and municipal selection competitions and the national finals of the logistics service engineer competition, providing logistics technology, equipment and personnel support, promoting the construction of high-quality technical and skilled personnel in the logistics field, and helping smart logistics " win the future".


The scene of the 2nd National Logistics Service Professional Skills Competition National Championship in 2021

This competition is sponsored by China International Freight Forwarders Association and China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center, and organized by Chongqing Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Qingdao Technician College, China Material Storage and Transportation Association and Beijing Luojiesite Technology Development Co., Ltd. Co-organized by the Association, Beijing Megvii Robotics Co., Ltd. and Zhongchu Development Co., Ltd. Li Gang, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Communications and Transportation Association, said: In-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi's important speech and efforts to "deeply implement the strategy of strengthening the country with talents in the new era, and accelerate the construction of an important talent center and innovation highland in the world" in the national transportation and logistics industry. Under the new situation of promoting the construction of a strong transportation country, this competition has built a platform for the growth and display of skilled talents in the transportation and logistics industry, which is of great significance.


With the integration of software and hardware AIoT products, co-organize the national logistics service engineer competition

It is understood that the 2nd National Logistics Service Technician Vocational Skills Competition was officially launched in July 2021. A total of 1575 contestants signed up. After layers of selection, 108 contestants finally entered the finals. After 3 days of fierce competition, the staff group won 4 special prizes, 8 first prizes, 12 second prizes, and 16 third prizes. The student group won 3 special prizes, 7 first prizes, and second prizes. There are 10 groups of awards and 14 groups of third prizes. There are 62 outstanding instructors, 9 outstanding volunteers, 7 outstanding organization awards, and 2 best organization awards.


As a technical support unit, Megvii Robotics participated in the provincial and municipal selection competitions and the national finals of this logistics service engineer competition. It is reported that the finals are set up in the "smart warehouse planning and design" link (including smart warehouse demand analysis, smart facility equipment configuration, smart warehouse layout planning), and the "smart warehouse implementation and verification" link (including smart warehouse site implementation, smart warehouse layout planning) warehouse data initialization, smart warehouse business operation).

As a solution provider of AIoT software and hardware, Megvii provides hardware products such as intelligent handling robots and automatic charging piles for this competition. ", "Simulation" and other software support. In addition, at the finals of the competition, as well as in the previous provincial and municipal trials and player practice, Megvii Robotics dispatched on-site and remote support teams for related products to ensure the reliable and orderly progress of the competition in an all-round way.


Megvii provides all-round technical support for the 2021 National Logistics Service Technician Vocational Skills Competition

Megvii Robotics continues to cultivate smart logistics talents, boosting the development of smart logistics industry

Over the years, Megvii has continued to develop in the field of smart logistics, not only launching 3A smart logistics solutions (AS/RS+AMR+AI), a variety of AI-enabled robots and logistics equipment, smart logistics software platform "Megvii HETU", etc. The AoT software and hardware integrated product system has also supported the national logistics service engineer competition for two consecutive years, and actively promoted the training of logistics talents.

Previously, Megvii Robotics also joined hands with relevant logistics education service institutions, based on the "planning" and "simulation" platform of Megvii HETU, in the construction of logistics majors in colleges and universities, talent training model innovation, curriculum system construction, experimental training construction, etc. In-depth cooperation; on the other hand, Megvii has gradually strengthened its self-research strength in the logistics talent training system. For example, in 2019, it established an "intelligent logistics training center" integrating production, education and research to create a one-stop solution for intelligent warehouses in a virtual environment. The simulation experiment scene of the whole process of simulation, operation, operation and maintenance cultivates students' innovative consciousness.

In addition, Megvii Robotics creates smart education solutions. Help vocational colleges and training institutions plan innovative talents by assisting in the construction of innovative experimental centers, intelligent logistics system operation experimental centers, intelligent logistics virtual simulation laboratories, education/training experimental training systems, and cooperative training of professional talents. Training mode, cultivate and reserve teachers and talents that meet the development requirements of smart logistics.

As an artificial intelligence enterprise focusing on the field of IoT, Megvii Logistics has a two-wheel-driven business team of "technological innovation + industry experience", and hopes to help professionals in the logistics industry by providing innovative "AI + logistics" products 's cultivation. In this regard, Qingcai Xu, senior vice president of Megvii Technology and general manager of the logistics business department, said: "The logistics industry is changing from labor-intensive to technology-intensive. As a practitioner in the field of logistics, Megvii knows the importance of training logistics professionals. Importance. We hope to deepen cooperation with industry partners, promote the construction of a new logistics talent team in my country, and accelerate the development of the smart logistics industry.”

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