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Committed to the Logistics Automation Innovation to Stimulate Greater Potential of Flexible Logistics

2022 - Apr - 22

Recently, at the new product launch conference of the Megvii intelligent 3D Pallet Shuttle Sytem with the theme of " Distributed Reconfiguration - Flexible Leap ", Megvii launched its self-developed intelligent 3D PS PS1500 series normal temperature version and cold storage version. It introduced the application case of "Megvii HETU" software platform in large-scale four-way pallet shuttle project to solve large-scale cluster scheduling, and shared the innovative application scheme of combining 3D PS with AMR, robotic arm, and visual inventory workstation seeking partners such as system integrators globally. The release of Megvii’s new products has attracted the attention of a large number of industry leaders and senior media personnels. The new product solutions launched this time have provided users with multi-faceted market support and helped users to further strengthen logistics automation, so as to achieve efficient operation, and strive to seize the opportunity in the new wave of industrial transformation.


Megvii self-developed intelligent 3D PS PS1500 normal temperature version



Megvii self-developed intelligent 3D PS PS1500 cold storage version



"Megvii Hetu" software platform cluster schedules over 80 3D PSs to run


For logistics enterprises, no matter how technology providers innovate technology, tap demand, and demonstrate advantages, if they can't see the reason for "why choose new products", they will be discouraged from new products due to cognitive inertia and other issues. So how does the Megvii intelligent 3D Pallet Shuttle Sytem cope with such cognitive inertia and resistance in the fierce competition? Ms. Lu Jianping, Marketing Director of Megvii Logistics Business Department, gave the answer-------


"Flexibility and intelligence are the inevitable trends in the development of the logistics field. Entity enterprises are facing challenges such as diversification of needs, more real-time order fulfillment, and rapid iteration of business models. Therefore, there is a great demand for flexible, intelligent, and fast-delivery automation solutions. Our 3D PS system just fills the gap of the original flexible solution in the field of pallet handling.”


Customer Demand Has Become the key Reason for Megvii to Enter the Four-Way Pallet Shuttle Track


Megvii has been committed to combining artificial intelligence technology with automation technology to help customers achieve digital and intelligent upgrades. Combining self-developed technical products and accumulated industry experience, Megvii has innovatively launched a 3A smart logistics solution. Megvii combines AS/RS automatic access system and AMR autonomous mobile robot with "Megvii HETU" a smart logistics software platform with AI technology as the core seeking the best solution to maximize customer value.


 Six application scenarios of Megvii's self-developed intelligent 3D Pallet Shuttle Sytem


The released 3D PS solution has well complemented the Megvii AS/RS solution, and the concept and starting point of 3D PS research and development are different. Megvii is committed to providing a standardized solution for the integration of software and hardware. The hardware research and development is based on Megvii's existing robot control platform, and the software relies on "Megvii HETU". Therefore, 3D PS is part of the overall strategic layout of Megvii Robotics.



Innovative Application Scenario 1: Megvii 3D PS+ AMR


In addition, Megvii's technical advantages in algorithms are naturally matched with 3D PS track. In Megvii's view, the biggest feature of 3D PS is discrete equipment and distributed control. Discrete equipment is closely related to scheduling and algorithms, and algorithms are required to complete changes in inbound and outbound storage, deployment capabilities, and warehouse location optimization. The core capability of Megvii lies in the algorithm, which supports the large-scale dispatch of 3D PS system. On the other hand, the 3D PS is distributed control in form, which is in line with the Megvii Robotics platform. Based on the existing platform of the robot, combined with the support of its R&D team and experience in AMR, and adhering to the product concept of creating industrial products, it is natural for Megvii to enter the 3D PS track.



Innovative Application Scenario 2: Megvii 3D PS+ Robotic Arm


As we all know, the area, size, and shape of the current user-side warehouses are not uniform, but the requirements for automation are the same, how to adapt the automated equipment and products to the conditions of different warehouses, flexibility and scalability is particularly important.  As a discrete device, the 3D PS has no physical connection with the racks and warehouses, and moves with the shape. Whether the warehouse is concave, convex or irregular with a hypotenuse, it can make full use of every inch of the warehouse. "In addition to the irregular shape of the warehouse, even if there are pillars or obstacles inside the warehouse, the 3D PS system can be used to reasonably avoid and optimize the warehouse layout planning. Megvii 3D PS can run the entire warehouse with one vehicle , the adaptability to the warehouse is very good," Lu Jianping added.



Innovative application scenario 3: Megvii 3D PS + visual inventory workstation


Building a smart logistics operating system with AI, empowering innovative automated logistics equipment, and providing a new generation of modular, flexible and scalable solutions is what sets Megvii apart from traditional integrators. The launch of the Megvii intelligent 3D Pallet Shuttle Sytem complements an important part of its 3A smart logistics solution, providing more customers with a "powerful weapon" for flexible upgrades, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. In the future, we expect Megvii to create greater value for global customers and make greater contributions to the development of the logistics automation industry.



Source: MM Modern Logistics

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