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Megvii partners with Storefriendly to deploy unmanned warehouse in Singapore

2020 - Aug - 25

Beijing, 25th August, 2020 – Megvii Technology Limited has partnered with self-service storage operator Storefriendly to deploy an unmanned warehouse storage solution in Singapore. The solution leverages Megvii’s proprietary technology and smart logistics capabilities to provide more convenient, secure, and reliable self-storage services to customers. It is designed to optimize warehouse and storage space utilization, particularly amid growing demand for flexible storage options in densely populated communities and commercial hubs.

In operation for over a year, Storefriendly’s unmanned warehouse storage solution has been tested and proven to be effective. It is powered by Megvii’s smart logistics platform HETU, facial authentication solution FaceID, logistics robots, and e-lock capabilities. Megvii customized and deployed a cloud-based system for Storefriendly that allows storage managers to effectively oversee various warehouse processes, including real-time optimal path planning for logistics robots, inventory retrieval, and resource allocation. The solution also encompasses automatic user authentication and access control powered by FaceID, and real-time alerts for various emergencies that could occur in a warehouse setting, including security breaches, thefts, or fires. As a result, Storefriendly has been able to achieve a space utilization rate of 75%, more than three times that of traditional warehouses, with only 20% of the original labor expenditure.

“We are excited to help Storefriendly deploy a warehouse storage solution that leverages the power of smart logistics to strengthen operational efficiency and further enhance the customer experience,” said Xu Qingcai, General Manager of Megvii Logistic Business Group. “This partnership underscores how our technology can solve tangible real-life problems and pain points encountered by businesses across the globe.”

Marco Yip, Head of Sales and Marketing at Storefriendly, said, “This new 24/7 unmanned warehouse storage solution has played a pivotal role in optimizing cost, streamlining operational processes, and efficiently allocating resources across our warehouses. Leveraging Megvii’s proprietary technologies and capabilities, we will continue to focus on serving our customers across Singapore and providing them with an array of flexible, convenient storage options."

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