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Megvii participated Japan LTT exhibition, the popularity of the 3D pallet shuttle+AMR

2022 - Sep - 22

In the last week of the Logis-Tech Tokyo, Megvii exhibited China's newly released intelligent pallet shuttle system in the first half year. According to the organizers, it attracted more than 60,000 attendees and visitors within four days. It also drew many integrators, experts and users, which attracted the customers attention and had deep communication with the Megvii personnel.

Megvii also attracted more than 30 famous media, such as Asahi Shimbun, Yomiuri, Tokushima Shimbun, A・I・Rネクストポータル、Barclay Global BIZ and other Japanese popular media.

Megvii has laid out the Japanese market for many years and has set up branches in Japan to provide customers with well sales experience, delivery and after-sales service. Through cooperation with Mujin, Megvii robot products have helped Toyota, Honda, DENSO, Kao, Aisin, Hitachi Logistics and many other giant enterprise customers to automate and intelligently upgrade their factories and warehouses. In this LTT, Megvii MegBot-T800 was also exhibited by our partner Mujin and many integrators such as Toyota L&F, IHI, MMlog, etc.

After Megvii AMRgained popularity and recognition from customers in the Japanese market, it immediately import the new product of pallet shuttle into the Japanese market. Relying on its strong AI gene and core algorithm capability, Megvii supports the large-scale scheduling of the 3D pallet shuttle system, efficiency control of in/out changes, deployment power and storage optimization. Moreover, the AMR R&D team within the experience support and based on the robot platform to build the distributed control system, which make the Megvii has competitive advantages in pallet shuttle solutions.

Megvii hopes to expand cooperation channels through this event and work with partners to create innovative automated logistics equipment with AI, providing better return on investment (ROI) solutions for enterprises and creating more value for global customers.

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