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Helping a logistics giant to improve sorting efficiency by nearly 4 times

2021 - Dec - 27

A logistics giant is a diversified group based in Asia. As one of the leading third-party logistics providers in the Asia-Pacific region, its core business covers integrated logistics, international freight forwarding, express delivery, supply chain solutions, seaport management and operations, and freight insurance, with operations all over the world.

A logistics giant is one of the most leading third-party logistics providers in the Asia-Pacific region. The volume of parcels is huge, and the sorting efficiency reaches 20,000 packages per hour. It cannot continue to rely on manual labor to continue to improve the efficiency and quantity of sorting and distribution. It is hoped that in the newly built warehouse, through the use of automated equipment, the sorting efficiency will be improved, and the efficient loading and unloading, sorting, distribution and delivery of express delivery will be realized, so as to ensure that a large number of orders can be quickly digested.

Megvii's customized solution of "box conveying and sorting system + cross-belt sorter + WCS system" is used in warehouse picking operations. The solution is based on the Megvii WCS system, cross-belt sorter and conveyor belt, and realizes functions such as efficient loading and unloading, sorting, and distribution.

The scheme realizes the monitoring of the parcel sorting system, the configuration of the cross-belt sorting scheme, and the recording of equipment status from the system level by completing the deployment of the box conveying sorting system and the cross-belt sorter in the logistics warehouse, and scheduling through the Megvii WCS system. , Statistical analysis of package flow, equipment running speed control, fault warning and exception handling, etc.
Through planning and deployment, Megvii adopts the solution of box conveying and sorting system + cross-belt sorter + WCS system to help enterprises improve their sorting efficiency from 20,000PPH to 70,000PPH, and achieve zero errors; about 40,000+ square meters of warehouses are deployed in the warehouse. The 8000+m box conveying line helps enterprises to quickly improve efficiency.

Megvii-a logistics giant project is an effective attempt to integrate artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of Things. It solves the problem of automation transformation of complex warehousing operations, helps partners realize automatic sorting and transportation of express delivery and parcels, and improves work efficiency by 3-4 times. .
At the same time, by using the 3D monitoring system based on Megvii Hetu, the functions of real-time viewing of equipment operation status, parameter setting, and feedback of on-site faults are realized.

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