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Megvii 3A solution lands on global vitamin production leader

2022 - May - 19
NHU (Xin He Cheng) is a leading global chemical company, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and services of four segments: nutrition products, flavors and fragrances, new polymer materials and APIs. It is also the only vitamin A company with citral production capacity in the domestic market.

Previously, NHU had already deployed smart warehouses in other factories and achieved good application results. Therefore, when planning the new campus of NHU headquarters, the company determined to build a smart warehouse to match with the production workshop.

Diagram of intelligent stereo warehouse

The smart warehouse is about 10,000 square meters, with a building height of 30 meters and equipment height of over 26 meters, a total of 7 aisles and nearly 15,000 pallet locations, including a room temperature warehouse for storing raw and auxiliary materials and packaging materials and a cool warehouse for storing finished products. As the smart logistics solution provider of the project, Megvii connects the 3 levels of production workshops and production lines through the warehouse (AS/RS), and connects the production workshops and central warehouse with AMR at the periphery, and adopts the software platform of "Megvii Hetu" for intelligent scheduling of various automated equipments and Information connection between production and warehouse

Project Result

Safer and more efficient: Empowered by AI technology, it provides safer and more efficient smart logistics solutions for high-value vitamin products, realizes intelligent linkage and operations between warehouses and workshops, and improves efficiency.

Meet GMP production requirements: realize automation, high-density storage, and help information management.

Reproducibility of the solution: At present, the construction of smart warehouse has become the standard for enterprise factories, and the solution can be extended to other factories of the company.

Strong robustness: good stability of the equipment, modular design, good availability, abnormal state design with backup form and process

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