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Megvii's 3A intelligent solution helps Ganfeng Lithium Industry's intelligent three-dimensional storage system officially operate

2021 - Dec - 30

The company is the world's leading lithium ecological enterprise with production capacity of more than 40 kinds of lithium compounds and metal lithium products in five categories. It is one of the manufacturers with the most complete supply of lithium series products. demand. The company started from the midstream lithium compound and metal lithium manufacturing, and successfully expanded to the upstream and downstream of the industrial value chain. The company has formed a vertically integrated business model. The business runs through upstream lithium resource development, midstream lithium salt deep processing and metal lithium smelting, downstream lithium battery manufacturing and comprehensive recycling of decommissioned lithium batteries. The synergies between various business segments are effectively used to improve operational efficiency. and profitability, consolidate market position, collect the latest market information and develop cutting-edge technologies. The company's products are widely used in electric vehicles, aerospace, functional materials and pharmaceutical applications, and most of its customers are global leaders in their respective industries.

he intelligent three-dimensional warehouse is composed of three-dimensional shelves, stackers, AMR, RGV, automatic depalletizing and palletizing and other equipment. Relying on the intelligent operating system, it can automatically and quickly complete the links such as shaking, weighing, packaging, and palletizing, saving manpower and improving efficient.

The warehouse has a total of 5 floors, including nearly 10,000 three-dimensional storage spaces, which greatly improves the space utilization rate, and the storage capacity is more than three times that of traditional flat goods storage, which greatly reduces the storage cost. Supply chain traceability.

The AMR transfer trolleys and other vehicles in the warehouse are all electric, and the power system is selected from the lithium iron phosphate battery developed and produced by Ganfeng Lithium, which is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Megvii has customized AI +ASRS + AMR solutions for customers

AMR Flexible

  • Compared with the traditional conveyor line, the roller belt needs to be installed, which takes up a lot of space. The AMR is flexibly transported to meet the human-machine mixed scene.
  • With the increase of market demand, the production capacity requirements of customers are getting higher and higher, and the traditional transmission line is troublesome to transform, and it can also cause production stoppage, etc. AMR is easy to deploy and the implementation cycle is fast.
AS/RS Reliable 
  • The characteristics of the industry lead to complex processes. Once there is a problem with the traditional conveyor line, it will affect the operation of the entire process. AMR replaces the traditional conveying line, point-to-point, timely avoidance, timely, fast and reliable
  • Automated warehouse storage can greatly reduce the labor force, and at the same time means reduce the dependence on skilled labor, provide storage efficiency, reduce labor costs, and reduce the error rate caused by manual reasons.
  • Expand physical space upwards instead of outwards, make better use of floor space, and increase storage capacity

AI Efficient 

  • AI artificial intelligence technology, path optimization, deep learning to find the optimal solution

  • Automatic storage




Automatically lift to the three-dimensional storage position

  • Automatic delivery



automatic pallet

With the rapid development of the new energy industry, midstream enterprises have an increasing demand for automated, intelligent and flexible smart logistics systems. As an AI+ logistics expert trusted by global users, Megvii provides safe and efficient AI+ASRS+AMR intelligent solutions according to the customer's industry and product characteristics, helping customers improve production efficiency, simplify management processes, and meet complex requirements production needs.

Source of core content: Ganfeng Lithium Industry

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