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140 SLAM robots have been installed in Aikosolar factory for nearly a year and lead more efficiency

2022 - Oct - 14

Since it was put into operation at total capacity in November last year, the AikoSolar  smart production workshop, which deployed 140 Megvii SLAM-guided AMRs, has been running stably for nearly a year. This project is the most significant known domestic SLAM robot landing case in the PV field.

In this high-efficiency solar cell production base in Yiwu, Zhejiang, AikoSolar  has taken the lead in deploying a complete set of automated production machines and material handling intelligent robots to realize the automation and intelligent operation of the whole process from material issuance to production line, which has significantly improved the operational efficiency of solar cell manufacturing and create a "black light factory" benchmarking case for manufacturing and upgrading in the photovoltaic industry.

Aixu high-efficiency solar cell production workshop

Manufacturing upgrade into the photovoltaic industry "standard"

The joint promotion of global energy change and China's "double carbon" policy has led to the successful development of new energy industries, such as photovoltaic and lithium-ion, and driven the upgrading of the supply chain of the entire industrial and commercial industry chain. New energy companies have automated and intelligently upgraded their workshops and accompanying warehouses, and SLAM-guided autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are accelerating their use in production logistics.
As the world's leading manufacturer of high-efficiency monocrystalline PERC cells, AikoSolar has previously deployed automated and intelligent production and handling equipment and has achieved specific application results. However, with expanding production models and capacity requirements, AikoSolar has been upgrading its crystalline cell manufacturing technology and production supply capacity in new factories, further updating and iterating the related equipment and systems, and continuously optimizing operational efficiency.
In response to the high importance of new energy enterprises on operation efficiency and stability (need to support 24-hour continuous production in factories), Megvii SLAM robots have achieved technological breakthroughs and equipment process improvements such as map editing, high robustness of SLAM positioning algorithm, high precision to point and large-scale cluster scheduling. Because of its leading technical strength in the field of "AI+logistics", Megvii SLAM navigation AMR won the favour of AikoSolar and became the "ace mover" in the production workshop of high-efficiency solar cells.

140 units! Among the industry's largest domestic
SLAM robot cluster landing project

In this project, Megvii customized 140 laser SLAM navigation AMRs for AikoSolar and realized large-scale cluster scheduling in limited space. Project highlights include.
140 SLAM-guided AMRs operating simultaneously in a crowded space
Support over 3 million pieces of daily capacity
High accuracy docking
The one-time docking success rate of more than 99.5% and device docking accuracy of ±3mm
Highly flexible solution to ensure operational stability
Even if multiple AMRs fail, the system can coordinate other AMRs to take over in time
AMR model customization development
According to many complex demands in actual production, Megvii realizes custom development at the robot hardware level to match the production site environment and demands. Megvii SLAM robots have stable and solid performance, avoiding the problem of easy slippage due to water sprinkling on the workshop floor.
Realize large-scale cluster scheduling based on the Megvii AI algorithm
Solve the problems of SLAM navigation AMR, such as congestion and easy getting lost when running between multiple pieces of equipment in the workshop through "laser navigation algorithm".
Realize a series of high-level applications
In addition to docking accuracy, Megvii AMR can achieve navigation and positioning accuracy within ±10mm, rated load ≥300kg, rated load running speed 0-1.2m/s, and support 7*24 hours continuous operation.

Megvii SLAM Navigation AMR

Through hardware and software collaborative intelligent design, Megvii has helped AikoSolar achieve capacity improvement with a daily wafer capacity of over 3 million wafers, helping it to manufacture monocrystalline bifacial PERC cells with higher conversion efficiency in a high-grade purified environment. In addition, due to the higher stability, docking accuracy, and scheduling strategy optimization of Megvii AMR, the overall operation efficiency of AikoSolar workshop has been significantly improved. This project ranks among the most significant SLAM robot cluster landing projects in the PV field in China and has a considerable benchmark effect in the new energy industry.

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