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Helping the implementation of an automotive exterior logistics project, making the three workshops seamless

2021 - Dec - 27

A Chengdu Automobile Exteriors Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of front and rear bumpers of automobiles, covering an area of 43,165 square meters and a total construction area of 20,281 square meters.

With the continuous development of the industry and the trend of automation, the requirements of auto parts production for workshops are also increasing. Megvii has customized an automation transformation and three-dimensional warehouse construction project for an automotive exterior decoration company in Chengdu. In view of the harsh workshop environment and the increasing demand for product customization, through the semi-finished automatic three-dimensional warehouse, pallet conveyor system, pallet elevator system, The steel structure platform and WMS/WCS are deployed to connect all production lines in the injection molding area, spraying area, and assembly area to realize the optimization of production quality and efficiency, as well as the production environment.

According to customer needs and industry characteristics, Megvii realizes the automatic handling of materials and the automatic supply of empty pallets by connecting various production links; realizes the material cache in the production process through the automatic three-dimensional warehouse of semi-finished products/finished products to balance the production of each production link. Efficiency; online quality inspection and sorting of materials supplied to each production line are realized through the conveyor system.

The automation transformation and three-dimensional warehouse construction scheme consists of shelves, stackers, pallet conveyor systems, pallet elevator systems, WCS and WMS. Among them, the first floor is mainly equipped with three-dimensional warehouse shelves, stackers and supporting equipment, line-side conveyors and interface operation platforms in each production workshop, and reserved manual moving lines, three-dimensional warehouse entry/exit manual operation areas, and empty pallets Artificial supply port; the second floor is erected on a steel platform, and the main conveying line between each production workshop and the three-dimensional warehouse or quality inspection area, as well as the loop line of the quality inspection area, are mainly arranged.

The solution realizes the automatic transportation from injection molding area to painting workshop, painting workshop to semi-finished automatic three-dimensional warehouse, painting workshop or semi-finished automatic three-dimensional warehouse to assembly workshop, and automatic storage of semi-finished products. At the same time, the automatic three-dimensional warehouse of semi-finished products has introduced multiple pallet stackers with a speed of up to 240m/min, more than 600 chain conveyors, and more than 40 elevators, opening up the three production links of injection molding → painting → assembly, which not only realizes the process from raw materials to finished products. The automation saves workshop space and 30+ manpower, and it is also one of the most complex projects in the domestic pallet conveyor system.

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