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P2P handling solution helps an electronics company realize logistics automation

2022 - Jan - 04

An electronic company is a world-renowned manufacturer of electronic products. Since its establishment in 1975, it has been engaged in all fields of high-tech products, from the manufacture of calculators and telephones to today's mobile computing, wireless communications, network applications, digital homes and application software. developing. At present, the annual production capacity of notebook computers is expected to reach 30 million units, enterprise servers can reach 3 million units and 5 million smartphones. It has become the world's largest server manufacturer and the world's top five notebook computer foundries.

At present, the receipt, quality inspection, storage, production line distribution and finished product offline of the raw materials required for production are all manual operations, with high labor intensity and low operation efficiency, and informatization mostly relies on manual document management. Low degree, low accuracy, high abnormal rate. With the development of business, it is urgent to upgrade the operation mode to realize automation and informatization to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

With HETU as the core, Megvii has customized an integrated automation solution for raw material receipt, quality inspection, storage, production line distribution and finished product offline. The solution realizes automatic P2P handling, automatic storage, automatic goods-to-person picking and automatic production line distribution of the whole process through AGV. Based on the deployment of HETU, AGV can automatically connect to elevators, air shower doors, and lift doors, and achieve seamless connection of automatic operations across floors and regions. In addition, the auxiliary equipment is equipped with automatic unstacking and stacking machine, VCI mechanism, etc. to realize the streamlining of personnel in the whole process, which reduces the operation scene of personnel and improves the operation efficiency of personnel. The entire project is equipped with nearly 100 AGV robots.

The content of the solution includes the automatic transportation of raw materials from the receiving end through HETU dispatching AGV, and then the warehouse management system automatically screens the raw materials, and automatically transports them to the quality inspection area, storage area, and line side warehouse; in the MES system After issuing the production order, HETU dispatches the AGV to transport the raw materials to be picked to the picking station in a goods-to-person mode; after picking by wave, the AGV automatically transports the raw material distribution vehicles required by the production line to the designated production line distribution site; The finished products are also automatically transported to the finished product storage area by AGV for storage and storage.

This solution helps customers realize the full automation of the production chain through HETU dispatching AGV robots, upper and lower collaborative docking of elevators, air shower doors, lifting doors, stacking machines and other hardware equipment, which is a typical representative case of unmanned operation in the 3C industry.

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