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The integration of software and hardware helps Hefei air-conditioning enterprises to build a new intelligent logistics system

2022 - Jan - 05

An Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. in Hefei, as a joint venture of the global auto parts industry giant Japan Denso, has the leading technology research and development strength, manufacturing capacity, quality management and marketing service system in China's automotive air conditioning compressor industry.

The main products are rocking plate and swash plate piston compressors, covering thousands of fixed displacement and variable displacement compressor models, which are widely used in commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, engineering vehicles, passenger vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, The supporting market and aftermarket of mainstream models such as special vehicles.

Due to the rapid expansion of the business and the complex plant environment, the raw material storage, production, and finished product packaging and delivery are all carried out in the same plant, and the raw material storage and production lines are located on different floors. Therefore, it is proposed to create a fully automated solution for the new plant. Through automated equipment, in order to better improve logistics efficiency and reduce labor costs, it is planned to build an intelligent warehousing system.

With HETU as the core, Megvii has customized an integrated automation solution for receiving, sending, storing, picking and conveying lines. The scheme realizes fully automated operations of raw material unloading, handling, and sorting and warehousing through automatic conveyors; based on HETU , unmanned operations and stacker storage systems are deployed based on HETU, through conveyors, hoists, RGVs, stackers, etc. , to achieve a seamless connection with the production line, storage area, and outbound packaging area through cross-floor, cross-plant, and multi-export. In addition, Megvii also completes the automatic handling of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products through AGV handling in the warehouse, thereby realizing the automation and unmanned operation of the production supply chain system.

The content of the solution includes the completion of unloading and handling of raw materials through HETU dispatching automatic conveyors, and then screening the raw materials by the warehouse management system, and sorting and storing the materials according to the degree of urgency through HETU dispatching stackers; receiving goods on the first floor, through the elevator It is transported to the fourth floor for surface treatment, then stored in the warehouse, and selected on the second floor. After the production order is issued by the DRP system, HETU dispatches the stacker to take the raw materials out of the warehouse to the conveyor line to realize the picking function and then send them to different production lines on the first and second floors. ; After the production is completed, the AGV transports different semi-finished products and finished products to the storage platform respectively, and the stacker is stored in the high-bay warehouse; the third floor makes a storage cache, and the finished products are delivered to the first floor.

Through this solution, it is possible to realize automatic warehouse entry and exit, unmanned warehouse entry operations, and greatly improve the automation of logistics system operations.

The plan dispatches hardware equipment through HETU. The whole system is 24 meters high, with more than 10 stacker cranes, nearly 200 conveyors, and a total of more than 15,000 cargo spaces. The software management systems WMS and WCS are seamlessly connected with Dyne's Kingdee ERA system. Intelligent logistics AGV is connected to various production lines of an air-conditioning enterprise, which greatly enhances the value of internal logistics of the enterprise. An efficient, fast, safe and reliable logistics system can not only meet existing needs, but also provide scientific control of supplies in the future growth stage to improve logistics accuracy and inventory. Control and reduce unnecessary links.

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