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Megvii logistics solution is favored by the world's largest spandex manufacturer

2022 - Aug - 19
Recently, the HYOSUNG Spandex smart warehouse Phase II project has started to be implemented on-site, and the project continues to adopt Megvii intelligent smart warehouse solution. This is mainly due to the excellent cooperation foundation between the two sides in the first phase project and the trust in Megvii's professional ability. Previously, the first phase of HYOSUNG intelligent warehouse project supported by Megvii robots was delivered and put into production in June this year, bringing the application effect of 3 times improvement in operation efficiency, three times improvement in space utilization and a significant reduction of workers labour intensity.

Client Profile

Hyosung Spandex (Ningxia) is the newly-built spandex production base of the world's largest spandex manufacturer HYOSUNG in Ningdong, Ningxia. The company's annual output of 360,000 tons of spandex and its raw material supporting project Phase I have been completed and put into operation by the end of 2021. It is understood that in the next few years, as the new spandex project of Hyosung Group in Ningxia is put into operation, the spandex industry agglomeration effect of Ningxia Ningdong Chemical Base will be further highlighted and is expected to become the world's most extensive spandex production base - "China Spandex Valley."

Client requirements

Production capacity is overgrowing, and there is an urgent need to expand storage capacity. In recent years, the demand for spandex, a new material, has increased because of its excellent elasticity and comfort HYOSUNG spandex production capacity is proliferating and needs to expand its inventory capacity.

The degree of automation in the chemical fiber industry could be higher, and digital intelligence upgrades are urgently needed to solve the labour problem. Previously, most factories in the industry were mainly manual operations. They faced issues such as high physical labour intensity, high noise and high temperature in the working environment, resulting in high turnover rates and difficulties in recruiting workers. Digital intelligence upgrades can effectively deal with this problem. Also, improve operational efficiency.

Back ground of the project

HYOSUNG has positioned the "smart factory" as the key to becoming an excellent company

HYOSUNG believes that building an intelligent factory has become a necessary measure for production-oriented companies, and hopes to improve the quality of super-class based on the smart factory, actively develop new technologies, and further strengthen its market control as the world's number one spandex producer.

Megvii Robotics is an experienced and trusted partner in the industry

The corresponding team of Megvii Robot has more years of industry experience in chemical fiber spandex. It has been tested in several chemical fiber industry projects, so HYOSUNG spandex Ningxia base chose Megvii Robot to build the intelligent stereo warehouse.

High requirements for stability of automation equipment

The spandex products are produced 24 hours a day, so the quality and stability of the automation equipment are more demanding.

Project program and operation process

To establish an smart warehouse to meet future business development needs, HYOSUNG Spandex selected Megvii's smart warehouse solution, using AI stacker cranes, conveying lines and other equipment, and equipped with a scheduling system to achieve the functions of inbound storage of goods, outbound delivery, automatic depalletization of pallets, automated inbound and outbound storage, etc. A smart warehouse is connected to a workshop, storing the finished products produced by the corresponding seminar to connect the logistics and production links.

Silk crating

Robotic Arm

Wrapping film

RGV Shuttle

 Stacker loading

Forklift out of warehousing

Project Effectiveness

Reduced labour intensity

All the handling and access are carried out by automated equipment, reducing the handling volume of about 7,000 kg per hour and significantly reducing the manual labour intensity.
Labour efficiency improvement
The efficiency is three times of the traditional manual operation mode.

Improved space utilization

Compared with the previous form of flat storage, the space utilization rate is increased by three times.

With industry-leading demonstration effect

As a head enterprise in the industry, the effectiveness of automation and digital intelligence upgrade of Ningxia HYOSUNG Spandex factory helps to promote the application of intelligent vertical storage in other factories of HYOSUNG Group and has a particular leading demonstration effect on the automation and digital intelligence upgrade of the whole industry.

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